Very basic node rollover to show DC value like LTspice?

I’m just a retired amateur LTspice user who has just downloaded and installed QSpice. It seems a very nice interface at first glance and initial playing. I hope things like inserting new blocks of models from my existing LTspice store will become clear to me in time.

One thing I have noticed which I miss is the ability to roll over any node after a Run and have its DC voltage displayed in the lower left corner. Is this functionality not included in QSpice or is it an option I must turn on somehow?

That functionality isn’t there yet – mostly because I haven’t decided on a file format for it. I don’t like how I did it in prior art.

Thanks Mike. It’s good to know I’m not missing something obvious. I’ll keep my eyes open for it maybe appearing when you’ve had time to sort out your thoughts on it.