Verilog-A capability in QSPICE

Hello QORVO team,

Congratulations and thank you Mike on such an excellent mixed mode simulator!

Is there any plans on adding Verilog-A simulator capability? Most spice simulators have this feature already and I believe it would add to QSPICEs already awesome mixed mode capability.

Here is an open sourced project on Verilog A simulator called OpenVAF


Unfortunately the license for openVAF is GPL-3.0 so copyleft. So unlike verilator which is LGPL, integrating this project into QSpice would require it to also be licensed as GPL-3.0 which I doubt Qorvo would be interested in.

I’m not a software engineer but a possibility is using ADMS 2.3.4 (2.3.5 and above are GPL not LGPL), it compiles to C code so it might be easier to integrate into Qspice. Though that release is from 2014 so i’m not sure how useful it would be