Verbose Provisioning Instructions for DRTLS Gateways

I’m looking for verbose instructions on how to provision an DRTLS gateway manually.

The ‘DWM1001 Gateway Quick Deployment Guide’ lists the required components (DRTLS Gateway Linux Kernel Module, DRTLS Gateway Daemon, DTRLS Gateway Proxy, DRTLS Gateway MQTT Broker, DRTLS Gateway Web Manager) but falls a little short on documenting where/how to acquire/install/configure them and what other software might be required to manually provision the gateway on a Raspberry. The only reference is the Raspberry Pi Image itself, which is kind of a blackbox atm.

It would also be nice if you could share insights what’s preventing the DRTLS Gateway Linux Kernel Module to run on a current kernel and/or Raspberry Pi 4.

Thank you & kind regards