VCCS with limter?

Does Qspice have VCCS with limiter shown as in Simetrix?


We can utilize the ‘Behavioral source’ as a VCCS with a current limiting function.

Oh, it appears that the syntax ‘Gxxx n+ n- value={}’ has been removed in QSPICE.

I realize there was a misunderstanding. It actually works fine!

With suggestion from @EL34 , I created two VCCS_Ilimit symbol which you can test with. I use limit(x,y,z) function, which equivalent to max(min()) function. But I only make symbol equivalent to “ideal damping” as described in Simetrix.
You can download these two symbols from this Github link

Qspice/Symbols at main · KSKelvin-Github/Qspice

If you cannot recreate your simulation results as in Simetrix, please post your setting and simulation results for verification.

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Thanks, It worked

There is another model in QSPICE which is OTA can be used as well for my application