VBOX Eclipse compile Error

I am trying to compile the example/dwm-simple/dwm-simple.c as per firmware user guide.
I am getting compile error as below

Kindly help resolve include error. As i could not find the toolchain path for resovling this error.

Don’t need to resolve.It will compile anyway.For more details, you can search the forum.

NO IT IS NOT, also when i try to debug it reports the error and close. So can’t continue like this.

Never used the setup you have so this is a blind guess but the data type of bool isn’t valid c, it is only in c++ and you are compiling a .c file. Maybe try changing the extension to cpp so the compiler treats it as c++ and see what happens?

Hi StalinYAGA,

As mhc answered, those errors should not prevent compilation and debugging. I think some library are missing from the virtual environment and you can also pull them manually to fix the issue.

What is exactly the error when starting debugging ?

Also, please ldo not use capital letters if not necessary. This is a friendly user/help forum and capital letter can be mis-interpreted/appropriated.

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