VBIC model for QSpice


I’m a new user trying to get some RF sim related questions answered. My latest is:

Does QSpice support the Level 4 VBIC bipolar model? It is not mentioned in the Help system. Most NPN’s intended to run over 1GHz these days will have their model done in this form, but not all SPICE versions yet support it, even though it has been around about 20 years now. VBIC stands for Vertical Bipolar Inter-Company model, and is intended to be an enhancement to Gummel-Poon that can be widely supported. It is in LTspice in a partially supported way, and in the versions of PSPICE above the basic level. It is certainly needed by any SPICE intended for RF simulation.

I’m still hoping to get some answers to these two posted a week ago with still no replies:

  1. Is there any plan to allow for s-parameter simulation in QSPICE? Normally SPICE does not address s-parameter simulation, but it could (free QUCS simulator does) and of course that is often important to Qorvo product use.

  2. Is there a capability or plan to allow for RF GaN device modeling (also valuable for Qorvo), such as the Angelov model? All SPICE GaN models I know of are for power supply switching GaN’s, but there would seem to be no reason RF GaN models could not be done in SPICE. If combined with s-parameters also, that would be a powerful free capability very useful to RF designers in general and Qorvo customers in particular.