Uwb with iPhone14?

Hello everyone!

We are a small team developing UWB third-party accessories for Apple using Qorvo chips.

Two of our teammates have bought the new iPhone 14 and it seems that we have no azimuth no more regarding UWB sessions. We have tested on the Qorvo NearbyInteraction app from the App Store.

By debugging on our own application, it seems we never have a valid direction vector.

Is anyone experiencing the same issue ? Did Apple made an iPhone 14 less efficient than the iPhone 13 on UWB ?


Hi @franck !

We’ve noticed the same problem, but there’s still no reason for this to happen. The same code works on previous iPhones and Apple Tag is working fine with iPhone 14.
I think the only thing we can do for now is waiting for the next iOS updates.

Best regards!

Okay. Not my thread, but thank you.

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