UWB radar for respiration detection based on DWM1000

I would like to create a radar system for person’s chest movement detection (respiration monitoring). The system should work within 1-2 meters range and should detect millimeter range movements. Could anyone please help me to understand if it is feasible based on DWM1000 module. Or probably this can be achieved by using another UWB transceiver or module or antenna? As far as I understand I cannot build a radar system based on DWM1000 module because I need to use two DWM1000 modules (one for Tx and one for Rx) and sichronise them somehow. Am I right? How small movements can I detect based on this architecture?
Thanks in advance.

It does not appear to be feasible with DW1000 based solutions since it isn’t a radar that receives while it transmits.

Plenty of people have already invented this technology.

See the following links:

More web searching will reveal many more links to look at and companies with products in this space.

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