UWB Network Topology and Architercure

I asked a similar question before:

…but got no satisfying answer, so I will try it again:


In the System Overview manual there are recommended ranges between Anchors (20 m) and between Gateways (30-35 m). So I assume something like that for the image I posted above (not to scale though). I also draw red circles to designate the range of the gateways G1 and G2. IMO, it is a real-time scenario where when you install the system it is very difficult if not impossible to know where gateway range ends. So in the above scenario (which reflect the one ion my lab) gateway G2 covers the Tag1 that “belongs” to G1 and gateway G1 covers T2 that "belongs to G2.

Now, without getting into mechanics of how the data from G2 reaches the G1 and consequently the laptop, it is clear that G1 reports the location of T1 and T2, and also G2 reports the location of T1 and T2. If the tags T1 and T2 where static it is possible to handle this scenario by knowing the static locations of G1 and G2 (and their respective MQTT Brokers) and therefore discarding results of G2 that relate to T1 and the results of G1 that relate to T2, as being less reliable…However, if the T1 and T2 are mobile (non-static) we cannot associate them to a particular gateway since as they move different gateway will be reporting on them…

I tried to eliminate the results for the same Tag ID (x1FBBA) that have lower quality number but since the results are coming with different timestamps it is not working so well…

I don’t know if I explain this clear enough but there is a problem that I am trying to tackle about duplicate reporting of Tags by different gateways…Did anybody have seen or dealt with these scenarios?