Using EVK-1000 with single processor controller boards

I am going to use Decawave EVK-1000 with an Intel single processor(no GPIOs but have a USB connection) controller called Intel Nuk which runs a Windows OS.

I referred to the EVK1000 and DW1000 user manual, but I wasn’t able to find a method of fetching the range data directly from the EVK1000 via a Cheetah SPI adapter. Can anyone please let me know how it is possible to read range data from EVK1000 via commanding through SPI?

Moreover, Dacawave has recommended using the Cheetah adapter for data transfer in this kind of a situation. Does the Cheetah adapter have a C++ library file support, which we can write the SPI commands directly to the EVK1000?

Thank you…

Eranga De Silva

Hi Eranga,

Writing and reading data using SPI is described in EVK’s PC Decaranging source code description. chapter 9 USB TO SPI PROTOCOL HANDLING EXPLAINED.

It also contains examples.

For more examples one could study the PC Decaranging source code itself which is delivered with the the EVK Software package from our web.

And sorry, we have no Decawave cheetah drivers.

Hi Leo,
I tried to refer the user manual before also. But the URL “” gave(ad gives) a “404 Not Found” error message.

Please let me know where can I find it.


Hi Again,

I’m not sure where you would have found the url https//…/evk1000_user_manual_v1.12.pdf

Please go to our software download page and download the EVK1000 software package.

In there you’ll find the source code and its descriptions.


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Hi Leo,
thank you for the reply. I found the resources that I wanted.

But, ONE last question: is there any way we can get the same functionality if the Intel NUK controller runs Linux OS?

Best regards,


Hi Again.

People have been porting the code to LINUX , so similar functionality is possible.
Others have developed their location algorithm from scratch eg by using:


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what do you mean by porting the code?

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