Using DWM1001 without a tag

Hello everyone!

I’m very new to the DWM1001 series of UWB sensors but before I purchase one I wanted to know if It can be used to obtain UWB without a tag. Apologies if this is a super basic question.

I want to use a single sensor to obtain motion data by sending a UWB pulse and receiving the same pulse with the reflection showing any movements through interference in the wave.

I looked through the sample code as saw a TX and RX example but I couldn’t find one that incorporated both TX RX on a single device (i.e. not using an anchor to judge distance). Has something like this been done on the DWM1001?

If I get your question correctly, I don’t think it can do what you want since it’s half-duplex.

Not Possible with The Decawave UWB Hardware, is not designet to do that,

But is possible with UWB used as radar, look a this Article.