Using DW1000 API

Good morning everyone,

Althought my question is general and - I guess - simple, it’s the first time I am using this system so I am a bit lost.
I want to use DWM1000 to create a RTLS using the functions available in the dw1000 API. To do so I would like to connect it to a microcontroler but I don’t know how to implement the code to perform actions through the UWB module via the spi bus.

I red the documentation and understood what the functions are doing and that they are impacting the dw1000 registers. My question is mostly about how to use those functions. Should I send them through the spi bus ? Should I call them in my code ? If it is the way how do I configure the SPI for this function to send data ?

Let’s say I wanna use dwt_writetxdata(). How to use it on my microcontroller so that it knows which spi port to use and other settings ?

Thanks in advance.