Using an Anchor as bridge

Is it not possible to have a DWM1001 acting as both an anchor and bridge? I can’t seem to find any information on this. If not does anyone have any suggestions to how to setup a system to solve the following use case. I’m going to use the system for a Follow Me system, the setup will consist of 3 anchors attached to the vehicle and then a fourth module as a tag. I need the distance from the three anchors to the tag, and would like to extract that on one of the anchors. Also i would like to use the GPIOs on the tag for a button and send the button state to the anchor as well.
Currently i have the MDEK1001 dev kit available but i’m planning on designing m own boards when i have a proff of concept.
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Jonas Markussen

hi @elontech_jonas
unfortunately this is not possible without bridge. If you want to receive distances between TN and AN you need to write your user app on the top of PANS library that will send distances in the IoT data packet. The PANS itself provide only the xyz position.

In this user app you can also control GPIOs.


@leapslabs Thank you very much for your response.
I have looked into using IoT data. Are you able to explain a bit more about how the iot data should work. I have had a look at the example “dwm-range-iot” it seems simple enough to use the DWM_EVT_USR_DATA_READY event to receive data, but i can not get any data between the nodes.
I have been using the UART interface and the “udi” and “uui” commands to see if i could get any data through that way. No mater what i try i can’t seem to pass any IoT data around.
I have read through both the “Api Guide” and “Firmware user guide”. None of these documents describe how to use the IoT data functionallity.
I have the location part working, the tag can calculate the position.

Hi @elontech_jonas
the IoT data exchange is only between MQTT (AN/TN <->bridge<->MQTT(<-> PANS web)) and the end node. You cannot send IoT data between nodes. (Actually you can but you need to write an application that collects data from MQTT and push them back to UWB network).

FYI: When you are sending the IoT data then the node is not reporting its position. It is position OR IoT data within once cycle.