use TCXO external oscillator on DWM1000

Hi all,

Has anyone succeeded in using TCXO on DWM1000 module?

I would like to use TCXO on some of the anchors and wirelessly synchronise the anchors.

I removed the crystal and connected XTAL1 to a TCXO with capacitive coupling. The SPI communication is good and I can read system clock from the decawave module, but the CLKPLL error bit is set while receiving frames. Anyone knows how to resolve this? Thanks in advance.


Wait until clock stabilizes before switching SPI to high, and then clear the pll lock error bits. It should not come back.


Thanks Andras,

After doing this, the error bit is not set but it cannot receive anything. There are interrupts when another module is transmitting. But the receiver bits (RXDFR, RXFCG) are not set. Do you know why?