Use J-flash Lite or Segger target download


I just started working with mdek1001 kit. I am trying to dig into examples given in the on-board package. I read the DWM1001 Firmware User guide, I found that we can flash through 2 ways either using J-flash lite or by downloading into the target using Seggar.

What I understood from User Guide is that if we use J-Flash Lit whole partition on MCU is erased and reflashed i.e the full PANS library, SoftDevice, FW1, FW2, environment, bootloader.
I want to ask what happens when we flash by downloading into the target using Seggar. Does the whole partition is not erased in this case?

It would be very helpful if anyone can explain this.

Thanks & regards

The J-Flash Lite application software is a Segger software product.
Segger J-Flash-Lite ‘talks’ to and Segger J-Link hardware.
The DWM1001-DEV board supports what is called J-Link OB (On Board).

See here