Use builtin symbol but with .subckt

  1. place a nmos by clicking key m;
  2. is it possible to associate a .subckt to above nmos symbol. In LTspice,change the ref to X, and modify the name, then .lib “mode_name.lib”

Yes. You change the symbol type in the Symbol Properties pane. Function key F3.

Mike,I already did, replace a builtin MOSFET to a Nexperia .subckt model, change symbol type to “X”, also 1st attribute to “subckt name”, but errors:
Warning: Ignoring unknown model parameter nfs in model NMOS
Warning: Ignoring unknown instance parameter “1781.0” of device E12 (syntax of E12:
E12 13 0 table{v(12)}

  • (-20,1781)

BTW, everything works will in LTSpice.
I met the problem is the syntax compatibility between PSpice (so many manufacturers use )

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You can send the model to an address on the Help=>About box.

A significant update went out today. If the problem persists, please do e-mail me the example at the Mike.Engelhardt address on the Help->About dialog.