USB Send command from PC

Hi All,

Is there a way to send a command from the computer to the Trek1000 board using USB? I am able to print out values to the computer from the board using usb_sendmessage() and usb_run(), but I do not know how to do the reverse.

-Ashutosh Dhekne

Hi Ashutosh

Yes it is possible, please see presentation attached.
Documents can be fetched from


Thanks Leo,

I will read the sections 4.3 and 4.4 to get the information.



I checked the USB to SPI modes, but I feel what I need is slightly different. I want the ARM controller to do most of the work. I want to only send occasional commands such as " start ranging", “sleep” etc to the ARM controller from the PC after which the ARM controller takes appropriate actions. I do not want to have full control of the decawave chip from the PC.

So I want to execute a function like “receive_usbmessage()” which the reverse of “send_usbmessage(); usb_run()” functionally.


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Hi leo,

Could you please send me the presentation also?

I am working on a similar problem using TREK1000

Thank you in advance


Hi Leo,

Thank you very much for all the detailed resources you provided.

Actually, I am not supposed to use the EVB localisation software in my research.

I can only use a C++ programme to read/write, to/from the VCOM port, since my own localisation algorithm and the control system runs in the same C++ programme in a portable PC, where the TREK is connected to.

I fetched the VCOM messages(described in the terminal_use.pdf) to my C++ programme so far without any issue.

But I have no idea how I can feed my simple payload data to the TREK via the VCOM port that I want to transmit with the ranging poll messages.

  • Is it possible to feed simple payload data to the TREK via the VCOM port? Else how it would be possible to do the task using a real-time C++ programme running in Linux, other than via the VCOM port ?
  • Will a new section of TREK1000 source code have to be written on this regard?
  • What are the limitations in that scenario?

Thank you in advance,

P.S.: - I am not supposed to use a windows PC, it would be a Linux PC
- Writing to the TREK1000, will be done by a C++ programme itself.
- And the data, which I would write to the TREK, will be transmitted to the other sensors while
sending the poll message.