Usage stages of User API functions to calculate position.

Hello there,

I want to calculate location using User API functions. I have 4 MDEK kits for this. I want to set 1 of them as tags and the other 3 as anchors. I want to learn the steps to use API functions. I’m very new at this job. I am sharing the sample code. There are separate configurations for tag and anchor here. Then the PAN ID is entered. The default positions of the nodes are entered. then it lists anchor but anchor is not listed. Can you explain in detail the usage stages of API functions to calculate location? Is there anything missing in the sample code?


Hi @uranbey
the sample code is missing. But from your scenario description Im missing initiator setting. You need to have at least one initiator in your network.

Please note that 3 anchors are absolute minimum, if there will be missing ranging with one of the anchors then the TN would not be able to calculate its position.