Update with command line

Since QSpice is getting a lot of updates, is there a good way to handle that for our IT department? Installing in user mode is not an option. Are there for example command line switches for Update.exe so it can run silently?

I’ll let Mike comment on the technical aspect, but I will say that as we get further along in the open beta period, the pace of updates will slow. I’m not a fan of silent updates for my personal machines, but I can see how an IT department might prefer that for their users.

I haven’t implemented a silent install/update method.

But, Jeff, yes, further along the open beta period the updates will be less frequent, eventually down to weekly or bimonthly.


Hello everyone,

Whenever QSPICE is updated on my PC, the data is downloaded from the web, verified and then an “Installation Program for QSPICE” is started, which asks for the installation directory similar to a new installation, so that the original installation directory has to be selected manually as well as the terms of use box must be checked too.

The update was allowed/started as administrator, whereby the original installation directory is located at C:\Users\xxxx\QSPICE. Possibly the latest is the reason for such behaviour?

Has anyone observed similar behaviour or know the cause/solution?

PS: I would prefer the update procedure to automatically update the existing installation once started, without asking for the installation directory etc.

In addition to the previous post. I just forced the update and selected the alternative option “No, install as user” - I was again asked to select the installation directory and accept the terms of use.

I do not see this behavior on the installations I’ve performed. I even have one machine with both an admin and user install running in parallel, and it installs without prompting. So, although I can’t offer an answer yet, I can say that your experience is not what I’d expect.