Update of Custom Firmware via UWB

Hi all,

I have a problem/question regarding the firmware update via UWB.
I am using a self-developed custom firmware (if I got it right, this is called fw2) which runs on all devices. It checks the device type at startup and adapts the device configuration accordingly. This is working without problems.

However, if I compile a new firmware version and flash it to the initiator, the ‘fw_ver’ and the ‘cfg_ver’ values do not change (checked at the initiator with the ‘si’ command). When a tag with an old firmware connects to the initiator with the new firmware version, it outputs
[000009.180 INF] fwup: fw1 up-to-date (fw_chksum=x3D21C055)
[000009.180 INF] fwup: fw2 up-to-date (fw_chksum=x1309E1FB)
although the two devices are running different firmware versions.

I have checked the API documentation but there is no API call to change the ‘fw_ver’ or the ‘cfg_ver’.
How can I get the firmware update working?

Thanks in advance for any response!!!

Best regards