Up-to-date examples for DWM1001?


I had an idea for a hobby project and bought 2 DWM1001-DEV kits. I was (still am) new to MCU development but I learned some things or another since I started I hope…

After some initial struggles I finally got the examples (the old ones you can get from github here, not the newer ones where you need an android app to configure the devices) to work. Key was to read the DWM1001 User Guide and use the old SES version.

Then I wanted to modify the examples to my likings and ran into some issues. Basically due to the old examples being based on FreeRTOS, I couldn’t use the app_timer.c library. I made a post about that in the nordic semi devzone forum here. A kind nordic semi engineer answered to my post(s) and it basically boils down to the point, that the old examples are out-of-date and that nordic semi now uses Zephyr for their RTOS and they have an nRF connect SDK that makes development a lot easier due to decoupling of hardware-software application relations. He linked me a post to this forum from @foldedtoad here, which is the examples from the DW1000 transceiver ported to zephyr 2.0. I gave these examples a shot and am running into issues due to the nRF connect SDK already using Zephyr 3.X. Especially the devicetree bindings seem to have changed a lot.

The nordic semi engineer suggested to reach out to decawave/qorvo, to see if there is any input from them in regards to newer examples.

So is there? Are there newer examples in the work? Anybody knows any github repo where the examples are based on the nRF connect SDK?

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