Unstable reception at dwm1000 with amplifier (MAX1000)

I use two dwm1000 with amplifier (MAX1000-P)

Transmiting works stably and without problems, but there are big problems with reception, reception works unstable even at small distances of 10-50 cm. Moreover, if I use the DWM1000 without an amplifier, then they work well, reception is stable even at 8 meters from each other. For the amplifier to work, I set MSGP4, MSGP5 and MSGP6 to 01, if I don’t do this, then MAX1000 messages reception only if MAX1000 are located 3-5 cm apart

And how much can the range of the DWM1000 with an amplifier increase ? If, for example, DWM1001-DEV can determine the distance somewhere in 400-410 meters in an open space in line of sight (with max txpower, preamble length and minimal data rate) ? Will the DWM1000 with an amplifier give better results ?