Unrelevant pdoa value from examples 1h and 2h

I am currently trying to understand and confirm the precision of the pdoa feature on the dws3000 device.
First of all, I flashed the example “simple_rx_pdoa_2h” on my pdoa kit (containing the DW3120 chip). Then, I flashed the example “simple_tx_pdoa_1h” on a dwm3000 v1.3 card. Both devices are connected to an nrf52840-dk.

What I found is that the angle accuracy estimated by the “simple_rx_pdoa_2h” does not appear to be correct. I put the two devices in front of each other. The angle should be 0 degree with a certain margin of errors. I read in the documentation that a constant value could be added to the result to calibrate it. But in my case, without moving any devices, angle values vary greatly (something like ± 50 degrees). This is just unusable.

I guess I’m doing something wrong. Does anyone have any idea to help me solve this problem?

You can find the two software examples in the appendices.

Thanks in advance for your returns


simple_rx_pdoa.c (6.5 KB)

simple_tx_pdoa.c (7.9 KB)

@Tobi15 , I am facing the same problem. Even moving the tag 2cms results in the PDOA sometimes switching sign.
Have you had any success?

Is the pdoa kit (containing the DW3120 chip) self-produced or purchased officially?

So far, I have not solved this problem. I took a look at the Decawave applications to understand how they use the pdoa value in their applications.

it was provided to us by Decawave. I guess it is not yet fully released. That’s why it is not yet available for purchase.

Thank you very much. Maybe you can share some datasheet or information with me. Thank you Email:15041121245@163.com

Have you solved it?