Unique ID problem on RangingAnchor.py

I’m working with DWM 3000 EVB with Raspberry Pi 4.
I’m using code from https://github.com/pedestrian0423/DW1000_Raspi_Python_library

When I ran a code (RangingTag.py or RangingAnchor.py) , then it appear Unique ID like 00:00:00:00:DE:CA:03:02.
So, the Network ID & Device Address: PAN: 00, Short Address: 00 came up too.

I connected the DWM 3000 EVB to a Raspberry Pi 4 with a jumper cable.
And I also power DWM 3000 EVB to 5V (jumper cable to Raspberry Pi 4, also tried external power).
3.3V doesn’t work with it.
I think this problem is about power or pin.

Please help me out.
Sorry for my bad English.