Unique device identifier

Does dw1000 have a unique identification code to read? Which API do you use?
Not device ID (0xdeca0130), but unique device identifier similar to stm32?

The 32 bit content of OTP location 6 (PART ID/CHIP ID) can be use for this.

It has the following structure $DDDHHMMSS where:

$ = loadboard test site (0-3 for quad site),
DDD = day of the year, 0-365,
HH = hour (24 hour),
MM = minute,
SS = second.

Is this 100% unique? I ask because you are not adding the year.

Suspect the LOTID (OTP 0x007) is unique per year as one surmises a lot doesn’t last a year.

If LOTID has internal structure, would be nice to know what it is, too, and to put that and the PART ID structure into the next rev of the user’s manual so nuggets like this don’t get lost.

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