Uninstall QSPICE?

Hello, I am trying to uninstall QSPICE but I cannot find it neither in the control panel nor any uninstaller in its installation folder? I guess I am missing something here, any advice will be more than appreciated :slight_smile:

Go to “Apps & Features”, search or scroll for Qspice, click on Remove.

If you installed it in User mode, you have to manually uninstall it because User mode can’t register an uninstall method.

All you have to do is delete the top installation directory, typically C:\Users<your user name>\QSPICE.

If you want, you can delete the few registry entries it made. Search for “Marcus Aurelius Software LLC”

Your schematics, if you made any, will be in Documents\QSPICE. If you want to, delete those, too.



Hmm - that’s interesting…
Because on my Polish Win 10 64b Pro system in User (but with Admin privileges) mode it is definitely registered and perfectly start normal Uninstall procedure, which I just cancel…