Unicode characters on Qspice Schematics

On Windows systems there is a registry entry that will enable the use of hexadecimal input for unicode characters. It allows you to hold down the Alt key, enter + and two to four hex digits. In QSPICE it works for 2 hex digits e.g.Alt+B0 for the degree symbol or Alt+A7 for the section symbol. When I try Alt+3A9 for the capital Omega (Ohms), I get the copyright symbol which is curiously enough 0xA9, so the upper byte of the unicode character got masked off. Would it be a problem to allow 16-bit characters in Qspice?

IMHO - this may not be a bug, it would just be nice to have.

In other, past, work, I used UNICODE for CAD so I could render all Asian languages, but it turned out they didn’t really care. In fact, UNICODE was generally poorly received. For example, Helmut really didn’t like it all all.

So I wanted to stick to ASCII, or at least eight bit clean ASCII. I used Windows-1252(Windows-1252 - Wikipedia) which did everything I needed:

  1. Lower case Greek Mu for micro
  2. Enough extra letters for all the foreseeable new SPICE devices I would likely write.
  3. Allowed western European languages to look normal with the extended vowels as they do expect.
  4. Simplifies writing new parsers for manipulating netlists, CAD, and waveform header files by 3rd parties.



That is an entirely reasonable position to take. That is why I said I was not certain it was a bug. If Alt+3A9 had come back with something besides the copyright symbol ©, then I would have been less sure. I love being on the bleeding edge, this is some candy store.