Unable to read output of dwm-simple


I just started working with decawave board. To get started I am working with the dwm simple example. According to the firmware user guide, I successfully built the project and flashed it on to the development board(dwm1001-dev). For, reading the printf output, I used TERA TERM. I set one board as an anchor and one as a tag using the NMT and NMA command. However, when I run the lec command I cannot see the output. Moreover when I run the apg command I see the following output(attachec below). Could anyone please tell me how can I read the position of tag or see the output of printf?


To get a position from the tag you need at least 3 anchors (one beeing configured as initiator) and one tag.

If you have only one initiator and one tag, you can retrieve the range using les.

apg will work only if you have at least 3 anchors the tag can trilaterate with.

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Hi Aisha, try the same approach but set the anchor to NMI instead of NMA


Thank you so much. It worked!


I got the following output. Could someone help me in understanding the output? What is the number represented next to T? Is the hex number the anchor ID? In the last field i observed that the number 100 always remains constant. I am assuming it is represented as [x,y] .So, is it because i have just one anchor and one tag?measurement