UI for Decawave provided Raspberry Pi image

I was reading the documentation about how to set up the gateway and I’ve noticed that it says to flash the provided Raspberry Pi image “DRTLS_raspbian_R2.0.img” that it seems to not have a UI.

As soon as I want to use my Raspberry with a UI (like the one on Raspberry Pi OS for instance) because I want to manage the network with Python scripts through the Raspberry, is there a way to have it?

Let me know thanks

Hi Nicola,

Not sure what you mean by a UI for raspberry pi ? Do you mean a graphical interface for the OS ?

I have remotely connected to raspberry pi using this image and there was a user interface, the image should not prevent it.


Yeah, sorry for the wrong word used; I meant a graphical interface for the OS.

Reading and seeing the images from the official tutorial seemed that there was no graphical interface.

Good to know it’s available a graphical interface as the Raspberry Pi OS