Udi, uui and dwm_usr_data_read

If I have two nodes, one configured as a tag, is it possible to send data from the tag to the other node using udi/uui? If so, what is the exact configuration the receiving node needs to have in order to receive the data?

Also, is it possible to send/receive this data using the dwm_usr_data_write/read api calls? If so, what is the exact configuration the receiving node needs to have in order to receive the data?


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Hi @Milner

no it is not possible, however, you can achieve that using gateway and an application that will receive the data on MQTT and send it to the other node. The uui command sends data to gateway. The udi command receives data from the gateways.


Ok, I see. And, to be clear, the only way to setup a gateway is to use a Raspberry Pi attached to a dev kit, running the decawave provided binary package?

Hi @Milner
yes that’s correct. You need to get RPi 3B (only 3B is supported) and official image from Qorvo/Decawave.

Cheers JK


Is there any way to create our own gateway application that can extract the location and IOT Data that is not dependant on the RPI. I have been looking at the API Guide and it says the following.

3.2 API via SPI interface

3.2.1 DWM1001 SPI overview

DWM1001 SPI interface uses TLV format data. Users can use an external host device in SPI master
mode to connect to the DWM1001 module SPI interface which operates in slave mode. The
maximum SPI clock frequency is 8 MHz. (This is maximum supported by the nRF52 MCU)

5.3.20 dwm_usr_data_read Description
Reads downlink user data from the node. The new data cause setting of dedicated flag in the status
and also cause generation of an event in user application (see dwm_evt_listener_register).

Or could this be used

5.4.2 dwm_backhaul_xfer Description
Writes downlink data and reads uplink data chunks. The DWM module must be configured as bridge.
This API must be used with SPI Scheme: TLV communication using data ready pin.

I am keen to understand if this is possible or not before I invest the time into investigating what cannot be done.


here is a post with a brief explanation why it is not supported.