TX Power in APS017

Hi, Everyone.

I am curious about the TX Power in the APS017 document.

I know that -41.3dBm/MHz is the limiting standard in most countries. How does -16dBm/500MHz, which is an example in this document, come from?
Is this value converted from -41.3dBm/MHz to dBm/500MHz?

I found the conversion method in the link below. Is this right?

Thank you.

Hi Asher,

The conversion method from dBm/MHz to dBm/500MHz is correct. -41.3 dBm/500MHz = -14.3 dBm/MHz.

I believe the -16dBm / 500Mz is just for illustration purposes. I think it likely originates from the TX power at the IC to achieve 14.3dB/MHz radiated power at the antenna with a typical 2dB gain antenna.

Note that the spectrum of the DW1000 isn’t perfectly “square”. In most regions, there is also bandwidth limitation of -10 dB for a 500MHz band. This might also result in a lower TX power figure if the bandwidth isn’t calibrated well.

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Thanks for the valuable answer.