TX Power Control on DWM3000

We are trying to compare the DWM3000 to the DWM1000 and would like to have similar transmitting power on both modules. We found the specifications for the DWM1000 in the DW1000 user Manuel (Section and are now wondering if the same settings work for the DWM3000 (we could not find any documentation on that).
If so, would the equal settings give similar transmitting power on the DW3000 and the DW1000 or not?

After some testing it became clear that power control settings are not the same for the dw3000.

I suggest to look at the example code we have for the DW3000. It tells the recommended values in section 5.2.4 dwt_configuretxrf
The API is avalaible on our website.


Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately the API guide only gives a recommended value, but not any indication of what value should be chosen for having the highest possible power. I assumed it would be 0xFFFFFFFF(kind of experimentally confirmed), but after noticing that the connection between a DWM3000 and a DWM1000 is much worse than between two DWM1000 I’m no longer that sure.

Fallow up: Is it expected that DWM1000 and DWM3000 perform much worse in terms of range than a DWM1000 to DWM1000 setup? Or what else could influence this behavior besides the power setting?