TX_Power by default

Hi, when i do a “utpg” command with it show me :

utpg: pg_delay=xC5 tx_power=x28486888 (pg_delay=xC6 tx_power=x27476787)

So i want to understand the values. If i see the Register of Transmit Power Control in 7.2.31 of Dw1000 pdf, its divide in “4 groups”

28 / 48 / 68 / 88

This mean that 28 → 0010 - 1000 : 15db Gain of DA and 6db Gain of Mixer ??

If someone can help me understanding this values.



Hi FrancoCapraroArg,

your understanding is nearly right, but one thing i would like to say that TX power control divided into two situation: manual control and smart power,
for smart power situation, the 4 octs group meas different meaning.
for manual control situation, the second and third oct meaning the DA gain and mixer gain value as you understand.


how can i know if is Smart Power enable or not ?

when employ smartpower the bit DIS_STXP in Register file: 0x04 – System Configuration is zero

So the max value that i can set is 0x001F1F00 ? when im using the “utpg” command, im seeing the 0x1E register ? because in every doc says that "as default 0x0E080222 is pre-set " but i didnt change the value and i got 0x28486888
That’s why i cant understand how to meet the limit of -41.3dBm/Hz.

Edit: Also i have a utpg: " pg_delay=xC5 tx_power=x2A4A6A8A " in my Gateway Node.

The max value is right . but i do suggest you to config 0x1E regester with the value reference to Table 20 in user manul.