TWR examples based on nRF SDK 14 migration to SDK 16?

Are there are examples for the TWR using a more up-to-date nRF SDK than 14.2? I’ve been trying for 3 days to migrate them to version 15 or 16 using SES so that I can integrate with some existing BLE code we have, but am failing abysmally.
Are there any plans to update the samples at any point?

Hi IZEapps.

At the moment there is no real plan to port it to the sdk 16.

Where are you exactly failing i nthe porting ?


Hi Yves,
Because I failed to migrate it successfully, I’ve spent today trying to merge the nRF ble_app_template from Nordic’s previous SDK version 14 with the ss_twr_init_int believing this would be more straight forward.
I still have multiple errors and conflicts, but am trying to work through them.
Is there any example code for the nRF using BLE with TWR?

Thanks for coming back to me.