TWR_demo for STM32WB55

Hey guys. As you know Qorvo released the DecaRanging App with the source code for STM32F429ZI Nucleo board. My goal was to use the App with an STM32WB55 on the Nucleo Board.
It took me time to get acquainted with FreeRTOS but now I want to release a very quick & dirty working solution for the migration. (For e.g. The SPI communication only works without DMA and with HAL_Receive() at this time. Saving the configuration shouldn’t work because of different memory mapping)
I hope I will not violating any licensing requirements. If so, please let me know. If it’s OK, I want to share a GitLab Link. But could someone from Qorvo please give their OK? Thank you!

After I’m allowed to post the link, I need your help for further work. I want to use the DecaRanging App without USB CDC. Communication from PC to board should be done via UART only. Maybe some of you already found a workaround for F429-board. It would help a lot. Thanks in advance!