TWR and collision

If i have 20-30 tags how i can struggle with collisions between tags and anchors?
I didn’t find this information for treck1000. For MDEK1001 theu using TDMA, but i using STM32.
Can you help anybody? Thanks in advance.


Hi Arthur,

It you be great if you can elaborate the issue a bit more.

As per my understanding, you are trying to have 20-30 tags/anchors using the TREK software ?

You will have to customize the TDMA layer to support that many tags an anchor. TREK is a good starting point for a basic TWR-RTLS system, but for more complex networks you will need to perform modifications.

When using TWR scheme such as TREK or PANS ( “MDEK” ), implementing a TDMA layer is the right solution to avoid collision between nodes. Each node is assigned to a slot an can transmit during this slot only.


Hi Yves
You understood me correctly. Where can I read about the implementation of TDMA? Does the Decawave not provide its own implementation of TDMA for stm32?

Hi Arthur,

The best starting point for a customized TDMA layer is the trek software. Have you downloaded the package below and looked at the documentation ?

The application note below will also help you in developing a product from the trek system:

Thank you,

if I understood correctly, then it is necessary to write a function for the anchor, which will set the order of transmission for each tag. I understand correctly?