Two-way ranging with the DW1000


In Two-way ranging implementation what is use of Discovery phase(Blink and Ranging init message). Is it used to save power of battery powered Tags? If I don’t want to save power, can I remove Discovery phase??

Shijo Thomas

Hi Shijo Thomas,

Initially a new Tag in Discovery phase sends a Blink message in order to pair with Anchors for ranging. If Anchors decides to pair with this new Tag for ranging and sends Ranging Init message.

In order to save power, If the tag does not get response for Blink message it sleeps for a period (default of 1 second) before blinking again.

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Hi Deepa,

Without the pairing process( Blink message & Ranging Init message) TWR is not possible?

Shijo Thomas

Hi Shijo,

in the example implementation you are referring to the Blink and Ranging Init are used to pair a tag to an anchor, as Deepa mentioned. This is just an example implementation and it gives an idea of what may be needed in a real product, then again, devices could be paired differently or not paired at all… it all depends on the product/solution/etc you are trying to develop. You can do what you like and optimise the system as is needed for your product.