Two-way ranging of DWM1001 modules - based on time of flight or time of arrival

for a scientific paper I need some information about the two-way ranging algorithm of dwm1001. Is it based on time of flight or time of arrival? Up to now, I wasn’t able to find a written piece of information in the docs of the chip, because it was only pointed out, that the RTLS is based on two-way-ranging. Can you provide a document where it is described more detailled? Is there a document like for DWM1001 as well?
Thanks a lot!

Hi Stephanie,
The MDEK system is based on Two Way ranging.
This is described in documentation like the MDEK system overview and some of the other documents.
What maybe is not clearly stated is that MDEK/DWM1001 uses Single-Sided Two way ranging.
The MDEK software (DRTLS) uses TDMA channel access simular to TREK1000. So to get an good idea about how that works please studie the firmware guide and maybe the TREK1000 source code guide (section 3 RANGING A LGORITHM) and APS013 on Two Way Ranging.

Hopefully of some help

APS013 DW1000 and two way ranging.pdf (941.8 KB)
DecaRangeRTLS_ARM_Source_Code_Guide.pdf (1.4 MB)
MDEK1001_System_User_Manual.pdf (1.5 MB)