Two-way Ranging DWS1000 & Nucleo-F429ZI

Good Morning all,

I current have two sets of the DWS1000 and Nucleo-F429ZI boards which I’m trying to range between them in order to measure their output using a spectrum analyzer (UWB ~6.5MHz). I have downloaded the STM32CubeIDE and I’m trying to find example code that I can use to program each of the boards; I was having trouble locating these examples on the Qorvo websites.

ANY help is greatly appreciated, please let me know if I need to be clearer about what I’m trying to accomplish.

As a side note: I was also told that we’re able to view a distance measurement on a putty or terminal window?

Not directly answering your question but generally when trying to get measurements of the spectrum you only use one device and set the code looping so that it constantly transmits.
The certification spec is based on average power over 1ms so you set the unit to transmit your largest packet once per ms (assuming it’s under 1ms long) and then set the sweep time and number of measurement points so that you are spending 1ms at each point.