Trilateration calculation method


I am trying to do a trilateral survey using dw1000.
I looked at the source code and the source code document for reference, but I wonder if there is a separate mathematical formula for trilateral surveying in the source code.

I looked at the wiki and saw the formula, but it is difficult to match the source code, so I ask for help.



What source code would you be looking at?

The only source code which includes trilateration freely available is the TREK code which uses a trilateration function based on 3 ranges as a solver. This is described in section 2.3.1 i the DECARANGERTLS PC SOURCE CODE.DecaRangeRTLS_PC_Source_Code_Guide.pdf (920.1 KB)
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I have read it, and is there any mathematical formula for the trilateration function in the source code?

Please check the TREK1000 source code which is available form our website