Hi to all,
I have both trek1000 and evk1000 evaluation board.

I wonder if it is possible to use more than the 3/4 anchor permitted with these board.
For example 5 anchor and 1 tag; becouse i want to cover 2 rooms.
if not, what is the starting point to achive my goal?
Thank you so much.


No, TREK is designed to only have 4 anchors and multiple tags … it is not a scalable system. To scale the anchors you need to redesign the system (i.e. build own application), you need to have tag discover the anchors around him or an anchor tell it which ones to range to. With TREK the anchors tag ranges with are preset (based on their addresses) and there is no easy way to change that.

If you want a scalable TWR RTLS for easy setup/demos then the fastest option is to buy an MDEK.