Trek1000 USB power supply via Power-bank

In order to perform measurements in laboratory environment we are gonna use USB power-bank. Can anyone suggest which Power-bank would be best in terms of mAh capacity?
thanks in advance


What is it you need the power bank for ? EVK1000 or TREK1000?
A powerbank of more then 4000mAh would be sufficient., but the higher the better.
Note though that in TREK when the TAG is powered the battery and so the TAG will switch off as the TAG will draw to little current in sleep to keep the power bank “on”. a 3.7v Lipo battery might be best for TAG usage. The lipo battery for TAG usage could be minimum 2000 mAh .


it is for TREK1000…by the way thank for the reply

one more thing … In order to get CIR from DW1000 what I have to do ? how to connect board with PC and what software to use ? I have downloaded all necessary documents… till now I have used only one software “DecaRangeRTLS” to perform RTLS now I want to access CIR. I am not embedded guy though I can follow steps if you could help.