TREK1000 example code dropping ranges

I’m using the Trek1000 example code (DecaRangeRTLS_ARMCubeMx_2p25) downloaded form the main site and I am finding that if an anchor is not working for some reason that all of the following anchors also stop ranging to tags.

For example if anchor with the address set to 0x01 is down anchors 0x02 and 0x03 stop working as well.

It seems like somewhere in the code the whole frame is being dropped if a single anchor is not being detected. I have spent a day trying to find where this happens as I need the ranging to work with any number of anchors not being visible but I cant find where in the code the frame gets dropped.

So my question is where does the frame get dropped and can the algorithm be modified to simply ignore when one of the anchors does not respond?

Hi ,

Do you still see this problem? I’m asking as what you describe should not happen.
When anchor #0, #1 & #2 are ranging with the TAG (0) , then when disconnecting an Anchor , the other 2 anchors should still range with the TAG…
Are all 3 anhors in sight of each other?

Please, I have the same issue if I disconnect A1 the other anchors (A2 and A3) stop working. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

A TREK contains 4 x EVB1000s
What is your setup? 3 Anchors and a TAG?
Is your A1 in fact A0?
If so, than disconnecting A0 will upset the Trilatration and A1 and A2 will stop working. See how it all is connected in the TREK ARM source code guide.

Thank you for your reply.
My setup is 4 anchors(A0,A1,A2, and A3) and one Tag.
I mean A1 is Anchor#1 not Anchor#0.

Thanks for your helping.