TREK1000 Evaluation Kit extension

On this page :
what does it mean when it says : “Need to test or configure a larger system? No problem, the system can be extended by simply adding an EVK1000.” ?
I would like to do this and cannot figure it out. I have some additional DW1000’s but it seems like I can’t extend my system, so why does it say this on the website ?

Hi Brian,
TREK supports max 4 anchors and 8 TAGs, while Tags only poll 4 anchors. See TREK user manual.
If a different operation is needed (i.e. increasing number of anchors > 4) then one can rebuild and re-design the code for their application, using the source code we supply freely.
A TREK + EVK will give you 6 nodes which could be used as 3-4 Anchors and /or 2-3 Tags.
Also note that for 3D , one would require also to rewite a GUI, as the GUI supplied with the TREK is 2D.

Thank you for your response. I am seriously considering rebuilding and redesigning the code. Do you have any advice for the best approaches on that. I think my modifications won’t be too substantial, also I am not using the GUI so that is not a problem. I just need the ability to add at least one more anchor. Also if I can add the ability for the tag to publish anchor-to-anchor ranges through the serial port that would be great too. Thank you.