TREK1000 : Asset Tracking along with Sensor data

Hi , I am trying to setup a Asset tracking usecase along with various sensor data . Is it possible to read sensor data from EVK1000 (that comes with TREK1000) and display it on the RTL Tracking software that comes along with TREK1000 evaluation kit. What are the interfaces supported by the EVK1000 board (Analog,SPI,I2C )??

to read the Tof information from the sensors using TREK PC GUI , please see section 8 Analysis in the TREK user manual.
Are you able to connect the TREK PC GUI to the TREK boards, eg Anchor 0?

To explore more options please see the file (outputting.pdf) attached.


Hi Leo,

Thanks for the Information. What I am looking for is to connect a physical sensors such as a Vibration,Temparture, Pressure in order monitor the Health of the Asset being tracked and display it on the GUI.


On EVB1000 none of the STM32105 interfaces are wired out to headers, except the SPI that is used to control DW IC, and a couple of GPIOs connected to switches and LEDs - please see schematic (

Thanks Zoran. Will I be able to connect a External microcontroller with sensors and modify the source code to display the values along with tracking ? can this be achievable ?


on the EVB1000, you can disable the STM (turn SW S1-1 OFF) and connect via J6 header to DW1000.