Trek 1000 Anchors incrhease

Hi everyone,

I am working about trek 1000 accuracy and mobility , i wanna know if there is way to increase the number of anchor of trek at the

back side of kit they wrote ADDR-ANCHOR [000-011] that is mean only 4 anchors according to decawave code.

my question is ; there is anyway to inchrease the numbers of anchors?


No, unless you modify the sources yourself by designing you own application.


HI zoran skrba

thanks you for your riply , so for that wich can of parameter i should take care to make possible for adding more Anchors


there is no single or other parameter to modify… the code has not been designed to be easily changed to add extra anchors. I am not sure what your application needs to do.

The best is to build own application or possibly buy a scalable system e.g. like MDEK1001. For example in the TREK demo application tags range automatically with 4 anchors. The tag and anchor addresses are fixed. If you added more anchors, you need to redesign the whole protocol to change how tag ranges to anchors, how many, which ones, which order, how does the tag discover anchors around it etc.


Hi ,

Thanks you for your reply actually i am try to make small projet to track moving target more than 1km so i am juste using

decawave trek 1000 and modify the code to make my prototype .

the think I am doing actually is to try to connect 6 Anchor with one tag to make diversity communication in such way that 3

anchors in one side and another 3 anchor to another side making double square of antenna , when tag is moving near to anchor it

communicated with first 4 anchors(first square anchore 1-2-3-4) when it reach at the center of anchor 4-3 it switch off anchor 1-2

and communicated with anchor 3-4-5-6

Hi I am also working on TREK1000 and I want to increase the number of anchors to more than 4, I want to ask you if your trial was successful or not.
Thanks for your help.