Transmittig a user info from an Anchor (user application) to a Raspberry connected through a TAG (MCU Host)

I try to transmit some data from an anchor to a Raspberry (MCU Host) directly connected to a Tag through SPI.
Currently I did put a user task in a Tag sending data with dwm_usr_data_write.
I tried to get the data from the Raspberry (MCU Host) with dwm_usr_data_read, but without success.

Question 1 : Is it possible ?
Question 2 : Will it be possible in a near futur ?

The frame definition enable to have some message passing with source and destination adresses. My application would be from the MCU Host to ask directly to the tag this info.

Question 3 : Is it possible ?
Question 4 : Will it be possible in the near futur ?
Question 5 : Is it possible to ask/pay for such an interface (with NDA if needed, and/or license agreement) ?



it is not possible to send directly from the Anchor to the Tag but you can use Gateway functionality to relay the data.

The Anchor can then send uplink data to the server. The data can contain e.g. Tag address. On the server you can have a simple script/program to relay the data to the Tag by parsing the uplink data from the Anchor and sending downlink data to the Tag. This concept can be used between any Anchor/Tag, Anchor/Anchor or Tag/Tag.

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