Transmit Power Calculation


Can anyone tell me the relation between the Driver Amplifier(DA) gain and Mixer gain that we are setting in 0X1E register with the corresponding transmit power? Theoretical relation between the transmit power and these register values/(thus corresponding DA and mixer gain values).
For eg.,
According to DW user manual, For channel 3, It is given that 0x0F2F4F6F and 0x6F6F6F6F values we have to set for Smart Transmit Power and Manual Transmit Power Control respectively. We are able to vary the DA and mixer gains using these values, but how these gains are related to transmitting power!
How to derive Theoritical TX power based on 0x1E register settings?

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Hi Sreelakshmi,

The TX power register configuration is thoroughly explained in the dw100 user manual. Please have a look at the section

It should answer your question, but please follow up if something is not clear.


Hi Yves,

Thank you for your reply, this section is telling about the register configurations that we can set to get particular gains, but my doubt is how these gains are related to transmit power. We can measure the practical value of transmit power using spectrum analyzer, but how will we cross check this with the actual theoretical power that the device can transmit. So I need the theoretical relation between the DA/Mixer gains and the actual transmit power.

sir, can you please tell me is -5dB antenna is enough for 50M communication using dw1000 on channel 5 ? and how to calculate the link budget?