Transmission Time

Is there a formula to calculate the transmission time of a packet? I couldn’t find any documentation about it?

Back in the mists of time there was a decawave supplied Java tool that would calculate the duration and power requirements for a given packet.

That stopped working but the errors it generated indicated that behind the scenes all it was doing was plugging numbers into an excel sheet that it was pulling from the Decawave web site. The errors included the URL of that sheet. If you entered the address into a browser you could download the excel file directly and use that. It lacked the java front end up but worked fine.

And then with the qorvo takeover and change of web site that link went dead.

Fortunately some people had the sense to save a copy and no one has yet to object to it being shared. So here is a link to the old decawave power usage and packet duration calculation excel sheet. This is from a long dead an now unsupported source but it still works.

hi !
Was the question you raised solved?Doc APS013 says the frame transmission time is about 180us(preamble length is 128,data length is 20), I’m wondering why it took so long?