Tracked Object Speeds

Dear Forum Members,

I am planning to track an object whose maximum speed is around 35 kmh using a TREK1000 evaluation kit. In a video about TREK1000, it is said that the maximum speed of the tracked object could be at most 5 meters per second which is about 20kmh. Could you verify this? If this is the case, how much error would I have to live with when I try to track an object with a speed of 35 kmh?
If TREK1000 is not a suitable hardware for this applications, do you have any other recommendations?
Thanks in advance for your replies.
Omer Akbas

There is nothing in the decawave chipset that limits the speeds, it purely comes down to the system architecture. Which means the TREK hardware should be able to do what you want however there could well be limitations in the firmware that prevent it.
The biggest issue with high speeds is if you are using a TWR method of positioning then you need a very high update rate or the target will move too far between updates. If you use a TDoA system then update rate is far less of an issue.

The decawave chips are certainly capable, I’ve tracked things at 75 km/h but that’s on custom hardware and firmware. The only reason I haven’t gone faster is that we haven’t built enough hardware yet to cover an area large enough to get to a higher speed.

In terms of other hardware that can do this, the system I’m working on will be a commercial product but it’s not going to be cheap.
If you have the time to make hardware and firmware our early prototypes were a DWM1000 and a 120 MHz Arm M3 mbed board, that was everything we needed to track at those speeds.

Hi Andy,
First of all, thanks a lot for the reply.
Do you know which method TREK1000 evaluation kit uses? TWR or TDoA?
I am basically an end user. I don’t have enough expertise to play with hardware and/or firmware. I prefer purchasing and using commercially available off-the-shelf products. So I am interested in the commercial product that you are currently working on. Please let me know about its availability timetable and projected cost.